The Holy Work movement was Founded by Luke LeFevre. 

How it came about was a long and winding story of being pulled and trying to follow that pull for better or worse! 

In Luke LeFevre’s 20+ years of experience working with creatives and business owners, he has seen time and time again that people have an internal pull inside of them towards...creating.

Something that MUST be created. It could be a business, it could be the pull to have a baby, get married, adopt, write a book, start painting, or millions of other things. These pulls have been in us since before we were born. They are the things we can’t help but be.

Luke helps people unlock this Pull by showing them that they are on a path and that following this path is not just necessary to live a fulfilled life, but it is Holy.

Holy Work is the PATH and the PRACTICES to take you from stuck, restless, and stirred to unlocked and guided towards the Holy Work you were put on this planet to do.

Luke has led many creative teams over the years and most recently served as the chief creative officer for Ramsey Solutions. He led the branding, design and video teams that served all of Ramsey Solutions. Luke played a prominent role in building the creative staff from 16 to over 150 in the 14 years he was a part of it.

He led and contributed to the creative efforts behind many of the company’s best-selling and most popular media (The Dave Ramsey Show, The John Delony Show, The Rachel Cruze Show, and more) and products (EveryDollar, Financial Peace University, Smart Money Smart Kids, Start, Love Your Life Not Theirs, and many others). He was also the executive producer of the 2021 Webby Award winning documentary Borrowed Future which shines a light on the dark side of student loans and features Dave Ramsey, Mike Rowe, Seth Godin and more.

Luke also served on the Ramsey Solutions Operating Board, not only leading the creative team, but chairing the Branding Committee and the Internal Communications and Culture Committee which stewarded the communication and culture of the more than 1,000 team members of Ramsey Solutions.

Luke is now taking his experience and passion for mission-focused creatives and business owners even farther by helping them recognize, admit, believe, activate, and unlock the pull God has on their lives. 

Luke lives just south of Nashville with his wife, Mandy, and their four kids, Addy, Greyson, Isaac and Emery.


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