Finding Your Purpose Comes From 1 Thing

Sep 13, 2023

Finding your purpose comes from one thing: walking the path.

As you walk the path and follow the little pulls here and there from God your true purpose will be revealed.

It takes years to walk this path.
There is no quick path.

As you do, you will not only find your purpose, but you will also be transformed into something new in the process.

Well, it isn't actually new, it has been there all the time.

You will be transformed into your true self, the one God wove together in your mother’s womb, before the world taught you to doubt and to fear.

But you must start.
You must listen to those little pulls and follow.
It takes work, it takes courage to follow it.
But it isn't just any kind of work, it is Holy Work.

I hope today, as you feel a little pull here and there, that you choose to listen and follow.
Those are the keys to finding your purpose.