My Wife's Most Face-Punching Question

holy work the pull Aug 18, 2023

My wife asked me a question a few years back, that knocked me on the floor, punched me in the face, slowed me down and woke me up all in one.

It was only 7 words, and I’ll tell you what it is here in a second but let me give you some context.

A few years ago, as I was really starting to feel the Pull of this Holy Work message, I was really wrestling with what it meant for the future of me and my family.

What if there is a book one day!
I think this could really help people!
What if there is a business here!
What about this! What about that?
Should I leave my current role?
Is this where God is pulling me?
All the questions were swirling.

I would bring these thoughts and questions up to my wife and she would smile and nod and say, "Yeah, that's cool..." Or if it was something difficult, she would say, "Man, that sucks..."

Over that same period of time, she would bring up some issues my son was having at school at youth group and with his friends. She would ask me what I thought, and I would say something like, "Yeah, I don't know, I am not sure, we'll figure it out..." and then I would bring it back to some current problem I was working through with work.

As this happened over the course of a few weeks, she eventually stopped me and said,
"Hey, I am happy to talk to you about all the things going on and what you should do with the Holy Work stuff, but Luke..."

And this is where the question came that knocked me back, she asked, "...what is your Holy Work at home?"


I had been so wrapped up in my own stuff that I was thinking about the fact that my most Holy Work was right in front of me.

My family.

It is the same with you.
Yes, God is pulling you to create some new things with him, and those things include your family, your friends, your relationships.

Let's not be so consumed with creating something new, that we miss the amazing creations we have already.

I hope you have an incredible day.