Telling The Truth. the practices Dec 05, 2022

I was talking with someone the other night about telling the truth.
She wasn't lying to anyone specifically, but she wasn't admitting to herself what she was actually feeling.
All these thoughts were...

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Don't Play Small Today confidence the pull the work Dec 02, 2022


Don’t play small today.

You can do this.

Don't hold back.


As John Wooden said, "Make TODAY your masterpiece."

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.


Own it.

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What do you want? the pull Nov 30, 2022

"What do you want?"
This is the only thing I should write this morning, this question.
I should just leave it at that.
Then I should ask you to write the answer out, confidentially, and send it back...

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[Re-Entry Shock] Embrace The Work. the wilderness the work Nov 28, 2022

Welcome to Monday.
The Monday after a holiday weekend.
Re-entry shock is real, and that's ok.
No one said it would be easy.
No one ever promised there wouldn't be hard things.
If it were easy then...

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The Day After Thanksgiving Nov 25, 2022

Good morning!
I was not sure what to write for this morning.
I was overthinking what I should write about the day after Thanksgiving.
What will be helpful?
What will be profound?
Normally, I just write...

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God Dances With those Who Are on The Dancefloor holy workers Nov 23, 2022

Good morning.

It is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the beginning of a beautiful time of year. A time to reflect. A time to be grateful and this year I am reminded of my Grandma. Her name was...

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A Man Named Don Forbes holy workers the pull Nov 21, 2022

Good morning!
This email is a little longer than normal, but I think it will be worth it for you.

To get your Monday started, I want to tell you about a man named Don Forbes. I am sure you have never...

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Choose To Be A Light. attitude the work Nov 18, 2022

What do you bring with you when you enter a room?
Is it light?
Or is it dark?

What happens when your kids walk in and see you?
Do they see joy?
Or do they feel like they are a hassle?

What happens when...

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I know it feels like you are floating. the wilderness Nov 16, 2022

I know it feels like you are floating.

Like you are lost in the wilderness, like everything is up in the air.

But let me tell you that you are not.
You are not lost.
You are on a path.
I know it...

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Things that might happen... anxiety resistance the war Nov 14, 2022

I woke up yesterday with some anxiety.
Chip Dodd calls anxiety the impairment of fear.
John Delony calls anxiety an alarm system.
Andy Andrews says it is a misuse of the natural creativity we possess....

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Grace Nov 11, 2022


It's the shoulder for your child to rest their head on after they have screwed up.
It's the sun on your face as your drive home after a lost day.
It's the text from your wife that says it's...

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Paying to see others believe in themselves. fear resistance Nov 09, 2022

I was in a band for about 8 years in the early 2000's. I loved it and I hated it. What I loved and hated most was the fact that it was a nightly exercise in overcoming fear. We were never famous....

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