The Burden Is Light. the wilderness the work Nov 07, 2022

Ok, it's Monday morning.

Take a deep breath.

No seriously...I know just kept reading to get to the next sentence.

Just take a deep breath.

Stop what you are doing, just take a second.


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Receive Don't Strive gifts the practices Nov 04, 2022

For the past couple of months, God has been really been putting the phrase, "Receive, don't strive" on my heart. We are in a bit of a transition period in the LeFevre house right now. My instincts...

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I Only Write When I'm Inspired the practices the wilderness the work Nov 02, 2022

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.” — William Faulkner

Today is a day to do the work.
To show up even thought you don't feel like...

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Maybe just maybe. the wilderness the work Oct 31, 2022

You are about to start your week.
Maybe you had a good weekend, Maybe you had a bad one.
Maybe you got rest.
Maybe you stayed up too late.
Maybe you are pumped to get started.
Maybe you are struggling...

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The Battles in the Middle of a Great War resistance the war Oct 28, 2022

You are in the middle of a lot of little battles in the middle of a Great War.
And the beautiful thing is that you recognize it.
Most people don’t even recognize it.
They just keep shoving it...

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A Purpose and a Pull. purpose the pull Oct 26, 2022

Good morning,

You have a purpose.
Don’t doubt it.
Your purpose is clear from the scriptures: Love God. Love People. Make disciples.

You also...have a pull.

That is the difference in each one of...

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Ready. Set. Monday. fear resistance war Oct 24, 2022

Good morning!

So, I was running the other day in Tampa, Florida.
I was on a path I had never been on, in a city I had never been in.
On this particular path, there were little inspirational sayings...

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Remember to Breathe... don't quit Oct 21, 2022

Good morning!
I started working out 6 months ago, it has been pretty transformational for me. The other day, they had us doing something that included me being upside down. I don't know about you,...

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A Reminder... the pull your story Oct 19, 2022


Good morning. I want to remind you of something.

Your story, from the moment you were born, has been telling you something.
Showing you the way.
Pulling you.

You are God's workmanship, which he...

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