It's Monday. don't quit patience Jul 24, 2023

It's Monday.
Random, end of July Monday.
The fireworks are over.
I am really excited to work today, but the words just aren't coming.

It is like something is blocking me.
A big brick wall.
I went...

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Coming Up to A Threshold anxiety journaling the pull the threshold Jul 21, 2023

The other day I pulled out an old journal from a few years ago.
I was looking for something I said about a friend that he would find encouraging.
Of course, I couldn't find it (So many words Luke...

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Saying NO to good things. fear the pull the war Jul 19, 2023

Yesterday, I had to say "No" to a really great opportunity.
It was a full-time job leading a large creative team working with people I really like.

Mandy and I wrestled and prayed about it a lot.

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We WILL make it around the block... patience the practices the wilderness Jul 17, 2023

When I take my dog Olly on a walk around the block, he pulls on the leash the ENTIRE FREAKING time because he is so excited (...and not well trained by the way).

We WILL make it around the block,...

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Normalize What You Are Intimidated By... the war Jul 11, 2023

My daughter Addy is 16 years old.
She is a budding songwriter and the other day I gave her a challenge.
I said, "Let's see who can write the best country song."
About 3 hours later, she texts me from...

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Spending TIME on someone else's dream... the pull Jul 05, 2023

I know you're out there.
Creating your "thing."
Cultivating it.
Slowly, but surely.
You have your day job, but there is this...thing.
Towards doing your "thing."
"What if I could do this...

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Frogs, Thresholds and the Founding Fathers... the threshold Jul 03, 2023

Have you ever taken a few minutes and just read the Declaration of Independence?

I am sure I had to in high school, but I probably wasn't paying too much attention.
A few years ago my daughter had to...

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SHHHH...I'm busy ignoring you! the practices Jun 30, 2023

I get distracted easily.
I am sure that NEVER happens to you because you have all your crap together ;)

But it happens to me all the time!

I am a 9 on the enneagram, which is the Peacemaker. What...

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We are doing this... the wilderness Jun 26, 2023

Each day around 10:30 there is a kid who runs by my house.
He is probably 12 years old.
I don't know him at all, I don't know where he lives, but I can tell he is running to get in shape.

He is a bit...

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Are you squabbling for crumbs? the practices Jun 23, 2023

I went and had a beer with a friend the other day.
There was just one other group of guys in the place.
They were playing a card game or something at one of the tables, I didn't think much of them.


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I know you are feeling pulled towards something.
I know you don't believe it's true.
I know you doubt it and get caught up in everything around you.
I know you get distracted and lose sight of the...

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I shouldn't write on Monday mornings.. Jun 19, 2023

I shouldn’t write on Monday mornings.

I am crabby.

I don’t want to be, but I am.

I don’t live for the weekends, I love the work and the calling I have, but Monday mornings are the...

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