Performance Coaching.

Your Life. Your Business. Your Leadership. Your Creative. 

I provide 3 types of coaching:

The Business Leader.

If you are a CEO, Executive or Business Owner you don't need help coming up with ideas, you need frameworks to help get those ideas actually done. With over 20 years of corporate experience with 10 of those being in leadership and 5 of them being in C-Suite/Board Level leadership at Ramsey Solutions, I have learned from and worked with the best leadership minds in the industry including Dave Ramsey, Henry Cloud, John Delony, Patrick Lencioni, and more.

I helped build Ramsey Solutions to the world class company and brand it is today. 

I know how to help you hit your goals, build your team, build your brand, and your culture without burning out. My specialty at Ramsey was helping to break down complicated ideas into simple frameworks that work. 

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The Creative Leader

I helped build a national scale brand with a creative team that grew from 16 people to 150. I can help you learn how to get your team to care as much as you do, navigate working with business executives without losing your creativity and burning yourself out. I can also help you navigate large brand changes while keeping your heart and family in a good place. 

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The Individual

This is for those feeling stuck, restless or stirred. This coaching is to help you uncover your unique Holy Work and get you on the path to it. 

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Why is Coaching Important? 

It is mind boggling that we have to study and take a test to get a driver's license, but there is zero training on how to be married, how to work, or how to make decisions on what to do next in our lives! 

We are all moving in a direction. Even if you think you are stuck and stagnant you aren't. We are all moving somewhere and there is an outcome to that movement. 

Adding a coach (even a bad one) adds perspective that moves the outcome in a better direction.

It is like going to a gym. There is what we would do in our garage by ourselves and then just the mere fact that we showed up to the gym pushes us farther and teaches us more than if we were on our own.

If you have a great coach that has decades of experience, your outcomes will be beyond what you could imagine.

To get started, just send me an email here, or click the button below and we'll set up a free zoom call to see if we're a good fit.