Holy Work Events

Join me for the Spring Holy Work Unlock Session on May 25, from 6-9 pm at Church of The City in Spring Hill.

Are you feeling bored, burned-out, anxious in your life right now, but honestly hate to admit it?

You might be in your office, or looking at your phone and thinking...

I gotta do something different.
I HAVE to make a change.
I am so sick of feeling this way.

But if I make a big change I will ruin my freaking life.

I have been there, I have been at that point in my life where the pain of change was LESS than the pain of staying the same.
I have been there many times actually, but 2 huge times stick out to me.

One was in my marriage and one was in my work.

I had been doing the same things over and over again and...
it just.

But, I did find a way out and a way to tell the truth.

There is a path and practices to get through those times and come out the other side living the life you feel pulled to inside.

AND...You can do it without getting a divorce, without telling your boss to %$&# off (although maybe you should) , and you can do it without moving to Mexico to be a bartender on the beach (we can all have dreams though...oh is that just mine?).

There is a way to find peace, joy and be fully embracing of the life you have AND start to follow where you are being pulled.

I am doing an event on May 25th to help you learn and start to work these practices that will lead you out of the bored, burned-out and anxious and into where God is leading.

I hope you can make it!

You will walk away knowing how to:
• Identify what it is you really want. 

• Discover God’s calling for YOUR life

• Learn how to journal in order to discern God's voice more clearly TODAY.

• Learn the tactics to fight the war trying to stop you.

• Form habits that help you achieve your goals and overcome setbacks

By learning these pratcies I have found a way to process my life and set a new vision for my relationships, work and life and now I want to teach you these things as well! 

I hope you will join me and start to change your life!

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