It is possible...You can lead your creative team and actually stay creative! 

Guide: The 6 Foundations of Leading Your Creative Team
Here is the truth...most creatives and creative leaders don't get the leadership they need.

They report up to a VP, a marketing director, a senior pastor, or maybe even a sales person. I am not knocking any of those people, but they often don't give the creative leader what they need.  

The creative leader is thrown into a business world of numbers, metrics, budgets, operations, management and people work (all of which they care a lot about) but are also expected to continue to push the brandand creative work forward.
What ends up happening is the management work slowly and inevitably creeps in and takes over, until the creative looks up months or years later and realizes they have done a mediocre job at management and don't have any energy or creativity left to push the brand or the creative forward.
This leaves the creative leader burned out, running from meeting to meeting, with the brand and their creativity stagnating.
But worse than that...the leader eventually starts doubting their creative gift and themselves.
This is not ok, it is not good for the creative leader, and it is not good for the brand and if the brand ain't ain't good.
Hey, my name is Luke LeFevre and have seen and experienced all the phases, stages, ups, down and all arounds of being of a creative. Going from being the sole designer at a small agency outside of Chicago to leading over 150 creatives at the largest in-house creative team in Nashville as the former Chief Creative Officer at Ramsey Solutions. I have been through it all.
And now I help creative leaders go from burned out, stressed, lost and frantic to thriving and confident creative leaders who make their brand and the business thrive...without losing their creative soul.
If this is you and you are feeling those things, I'd love to help.
Your creativity is too important, too Holy in my opinion to let it die on the vine in the sea of operations and management.

Yes, we have to manage our teams, but YOUR title is the only one with the word Creative in it and if you lose that you lose the thing that makes you unique and special in this world. It is something you must guard and fight for.

If this sounds like you, I can help, you aren't alone.

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The 6 Foundations of a Creative Leader

These 6 foundations are the pillars that you and your leadership will stand on. If one of these is being neglected, missing, or confused, you will inevitably start to falter. If you think of these like 6 legs of a table, one may be missing and the table still stands, but as more weight gets put on especially if it is on the side of the table with no leg the table will start to wobble. Take 2 of the legs away and you have a big problem.

Foundation 1:

If you aren’t in a healthy place you cannot lead in a healthy way.

Foundation 2:

You cannot do everything alone. Learning to coach and guide your people and let them run.

Foundation 3:

You must constantly be defining, teaching, guarding and expanding the brand you work on. 

Foundation 4:

You cannot give water to people if your well is dry, you must build in times to replenish your creatvity. 

Foundation 5:

You and your team will not be their most creative if they don’t have plans, boundaries, growth and structure in their lives.

Foundation 6:

Leadership is who you are, where you are going, and the standards you will uphold on our journey. 

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What Others Are Saying...

"The job of the creative leader in a large organization pulls you in a thousand different directions daily. Add to that the ministry context of the local church, and it can be challenging to keep your head above water, much less accomplish what you were put on this planet to do. Some days it can be hard to pinpoint what that even is.

Luke LeFevre has helped me get out of the weeds and align my approach to work and life with my highest values. Each time I meet with Luke I get clear on what I want, what I am called to do, and my next step to get there. With Luke as the guide I have the tools to think all the way through the problem to the solution. His experience having actually done this stuff gives Luke the credibility to speak into the hardest situations, and the wisdom to know where to push. Because of his influence, I am a better leader, husband, and father. Every creative leader needs a Luke in their corner."

Larry Anderson
Media Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, TN



"There are very few people I have met my life that I would consider to be truly a transformative  relationship for me. Luke is without question, up in the top of that list. He’s helped me see my purpose in using my talent’s for God’s use with greater clarity than any other, tool, book, or course has. I think if anyone is in the spot of being restless or directionless in their creative pursuit as I was, and wants a solid framework to be guided on to find that direction, Luke is the first guy I’d send them to."

Taylor Dempsey
Co-Founder & CEO of Rividia
Los Angeles | Nashville



"Luke’s ability to draw out what the real issue is and bring myself and my team back to center has been transformational.  Through coaching our team has grown together, instilling trust and ability to have conversations with each other that would typically only happen in our thoughts.  Bringing into reality what the issues are and helping us work through them.  This has led us to believe in ourselves and our team.  Setting goals and being consistent to follow through with them has driven our team to be better!"

Lee Erickson,
Leader of Production, SVL Productions
Rockford, IL

"Luke helped me recognize pride in me that was keeping me from asking for help and from allowing myself to be coached. The small changes were noticeable by others and my wife called out that my meetings with Luke were good for our marriage.

Luke is helping me grow into a person with humility, who isn’t afraid to build vulnerable relationships.

Through Luke’s coaching I have clarified how I want to serve and care about people more than personal recognition and accolades. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and through Luke’s journaling exercises I can tangibly see how my thoughts have evolved from selfishness into more selflessness.

The farther up the ladder a person reaches the harder to admit we need help, I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to breakthrough to meaningful and purposeful living to seek out Luke."

Armando Lopez,
Director of HR, Ramsey Solutions
Nashville, TN



"The most impactful thing about Luke’s coaching for me personally; is his very natural ability to encourage me to ask the hard questions in a way that builds trust with my colleagues, and he always points me and my team back to God and His word as it pertains to our work and core values."

Lori Johnson,
Director of HR
SVL Productions
Rockford, IL

"Luke is creative, funny, and just...Luke. Every other coach just says, "Well, leadership is hard, suck it up." Luke digs to find what is really going on in a way that is not like any other. Leaders are dying on the vine and they can’t keep up, and it breaks my freaking heart.

But Luke slows us down, listens and helps make a plan. People don’t need perfect, they need real, from someone whose done this, and will slow down and listen. Luke does that."

Shannon Reichelt, 
CEO of Onaway 
Easthampton, MA

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